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Former Chief Criminal Prosecuting Attorney for Benton County.

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When you can't afford to lose.

With 20+ years of formal legal practice as both a prosecutor and now defense attorney in Eastern Washington, John Jensen has the local experience, dedication and knowledge to greatly assist clients.  

Exactly the attorney you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.


Jensen Law Offices provides representation for:

With significant experience practicing at the Benton County Prosecutor's Office since 1994, John took his knowledge gained at that office, and began a private practice to serve the local citizens. Since that time, John has passionately defended hundreds of clients in criminal, DUI, DWI & Personal Injury cases.

John's extensive jury trial experience gives him an advantage in all cases that end up if front of a jury. With these skills and experience, John is not averse or afraid to take a case to jury trial. This experience gives him leverage in being able to negotiate cases for a higher reward.


Simple, easy & painless.
— Rick, Speeding & Traffic Ticket client
Outstanding results.
— Criminal Defense client
The best man for the job.
— DUI client
Five stars for this attorney.
— Criminal Defense client