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The Law Office of John V. Jensen, P.C. is committed to providing the best possible legal services for its clients. With 18-years of experience (and over 70 Felony Trials), our office is located in Kennewick and also serves Pasco, Richland, Walla Walla, and Yakima.

We provide Legal Defense & representation for Criminal Defense, DUI's, Driving / Traffic Offenses, and Personal Injury Cases for Eastern Washington, including Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, Walla Walla, Yakima, and the surrounding communities -- Contact us Confidentially today to provide local & experienced attorney services.

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Law Office Mission Statement:

Our mission at TriCities Legal Services is to provide top-notch and fair legal services to our local community. We are your trusted attorney laywer for criminal defense, DUI, driving offenses, personal injury cases, car accident at fault, sue, review Washington state Law, ambulance & wreck settlement, workers comp, defend drunk driving offense, Spinal Cord injury, wrongful death, accident law cases, Head & Back Injuries. We specialize in Criminal Defense, Legal Assistance, DUI, DWI Defense, Legal Proceedings, Traffic Ticket Defense, personal injury, Firearm restoration, gun rights restoration, vacation of criminal history, expunge criminal history, traffic infractions.

We serve Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, Yakima, Walla Walla, and the surrounding Washington Communities.

Contact us today to confidentially provide you with local & experienced attorney services.

Washington State Areas Served by our Law Office:

  • Kennewick Law office / Richland Law Office / Pasco Law Office / Walla Walla Law Office / Benton City Law Office / West Richland Law Office / Burbank Law Office / Wallula Law Office / Touchet Law Office / Prosser Law Office / Grandview Law Office / Sunnyside Law office
  • Kennewick Attorney / Richland Attorney / Pasco Attorney / Walla Walla Attorney / Benton City Attorney / West Richland Attorney / Burbank Attorney / Wallula Attorney / Touchet Attorney / Prosser Attorney / Grandview Attorney / Sunnyside Attorney
  • Kennewick Lawyer / Richland Lawyer / Pasco Lawyer / Walla Walla Lawyer / Benton City Lawyer / West Richland Lawyer / Burbank Lawyer / Wallula Lawyer / Touchet Lawyer / Prosser Lawyer / Grandview Lawyer / Sunnyside Lawyer

Tri-cities Attorney who helps Personal Injury plaintiffs, victims, and their families recover money and other compensation after accidents, such as motor vehicle accidents auto, bus, truck, train, airplane, motorcycle, bike, SUVs), where there is negligence, or often without negligence, slips and falls, catastrophic injuries, traumatic brain injury, medical dental and other professional malpractice, product liability, negotiations, law suits, arbitrations and court trials contingent fee basis. Medical Malpractice Attorney, Aviation Attorney, Health Care Attorneys, Insurance Attorneys. Richland, Washington attorney, Pasco Richland, Washington attorney, Kennewick Richland, Washington attorney to solve your legal issues. Pasco DUI DWI Lawyer Attorney & Law Office, Walla Walla DUI Lawyer, Yakima DUI Lawyer. Firearms restoration, gun rights restoration, vacation of criminal history, expunge criminal history, traffic violation infractions.